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I miss sleep…

January 13, 2016

Where did my ability to sleep go?  I believe I can trace it back to just over two years ago when I got sick.  Then there was the surgery, being in hospital for 4 nights, all the tubes and machines making noise, my hospital bed comfortable but being forced to sleep on my back was a challenge.  I think that’s where my ability to sleep went away.  I can count on one hand how many full nights of sleep I’ve had over the past two years.  There is this constant feeling of tiredness, gritty eyes, brain fades, walking into a room and not remembering why I walked in there.  Forgetting basic things…having to concentrate so hard to not forget the important ones.

I’d like my sleep back, please.  If I ask nicely, maybe it will return.  I’ve tried all the “remedies” – melatonin, guided mediation, warm milk, no “blue screen” for an hour or so before bedtime, reading, relaxation techniques.  You name it I’ve tried it.  But it doesn’t work…why???  That’s the million (or today – billion!) dollar question.  I exercise every evening with my dog, walk the two plus miles.  Isn’t that supposed to help?

So what do I do next?  Any recommendations?  Suggestions?  Shall I just knock myself out each evening with meds that make me feel worse in the morning.  Not the way I like to start my day!  I like to wake up slowly, enjoy those moments of quiet before the day begins.

Well, this is my first blog post..


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  1. Good job on your first blog post ! I will help you here publicly and we will talk about it more and see if we can find something that works for you.
    ~ Lorenzo

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